Equine Health And Fitness - EQUUS HEALTH
Welcome to Equus Health. Remarkably, we are the only equestrian wholesaler specialising, solely in high quality natural products. Established in 1995, we started life in the West Country and now service over 400 retail outlets covering most of the country. We source our products from across the World - all are tried, tested and recommended for the purpose intended.We are also stockists for leading natural products such as Hilton Herbs, SP Health And Herbal and Equine Herbals. To find out more about our range, and our stockists, then please give us a call or visit our website. You could also call our North East Representative...Alison Donaldson on 01670 788260

Location Telephone Name Website
National 01208 821758 EQUUS HEALTH www.equushealth.org.uk
Equine Health And Fitness - MAXAVITA
Maxavita are world leaders in the manufacture and supply of three unique methods of treatment, designed to maintain flexible, pain-free mobility whilst soothing stiff, sore and achy joints frequently suffered by horses of all ages and breeds. We also have a unique range of Equine Health Care products covering Calming, Hoof Care, and Respiratory issues. Visit our website to discover more.

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Unit 3, Ashley Park, Witchford, Camridgeshire, CB6 2HZ 08450 752754 MAXAVITA www.maxavita.com
Equine Health And Fitness - BERNICE DRUMMOND - MUKOUT
MUKOUT The Original and Revolutionary Solid Shampoo for Horses. Mukout contains Indian neem oil for its amazing benefits as a natural insecticide and pesticide, therefore could help in the cure and prevention of sweet itch, and keep those flies at bay. Neem oil also has antiseptic and antibacterial properties, therefore Mukout is such an increadibly versatile shampoo with so many benefits. Most commercial shampoos contain SLS and Parabens which can be harmful to skin and strip the coat of natural oils. Mukout does not contain any harsh chemicals. It is kind to your horses skin, but cleans with amazing results. Mukout can be rubbed directly on to your horse's wet coat, mane or tail. Much easier to use than regular shampoo. And here's the best bit...no more horsey kicking over that expensive shampoo bottle! TROT ON! www.mukout.com

Location Telephone Name Website
Northumberland mobile # 07921 290595 BERNICE DRUMMOND - MUKOUT www.mukout.com
Equine Health And Fitness - MUNGO G RIDDELL
We are Stockists and distributors for the full range of Brinicombe Equine Products, in feed supplements for healthy hoofs, skin, performance, temperament, breathing, joint care, health and digestion, and general good wellbeing....Our products are available in powder or liquid form, and also certain products are available in low sugar lick form. Feed your horse the Chemotaxic way...let your horse choose the nutrition that it requires.... Most popular products in the range are available from stock..Promt delivery or collection by arrangement...For further details Please give me a call

Location Telephone Name Website
Longframlington Northumberland 07836 637638 MUNGO G RIDDELL